Stage rent

is occasion collided with any provider. It’s an integral part of the various kinds of events such as the ones on the open air, festivals of any scope,municipal mass events, corporate or private parties, and even street concerts.

The main goal of renting stage and truss constructions consists of efficient building of essential configuration, independent of the weather conditions or chosen place.


Mobile Stage Truck Rentals
Our hydraulic set-up means our trucks transform into stages at the touch of a button. So we’re show-ready faster.
Mobile Stage Truck presents an all-in-one service, streamlining and simplifying the whole process. We offer professional lighting systems, state of the art audio capabilities and exceptional sound technicians. You can use it for:road show,event hosting,ad promotion,festivals,charities etc.
Set up with full production in under a few hours,operated by a hand held wireless remote control.

The size of the

complex may be difference, it's depended on the specific place and aim.Constructions are built of based
units and distinguished for their easy of assembly,simplicity and technology.

Using elevator roofs

is   the  best   way  of   building  overhangs  fast   for   any  kinds  of  events  holding  on  the  open  air.   Fast  building  truss  constructions  are  simple  and  efficient . Specific  feature  of  the  roof  construct  allows to  build  the one  in the  short  term  without  lifters. In  spite  of  its  easy  assembly,  the useful  carrying  capacity  of  the  roof  construction   is  some  tons.

Renting stage and roof

construction from "SOUND CITY" , YOU get absolute technical supporting. OUR proficient technical staff 
provides delivering, setting constructions to the place of destination and dismantling the ones after in the shortest term.

IF  YOU  have  any  problems  and  YOU  don't  know  how  to  solve  them,   confined  in  "SOUND CITY"  and  YOU  avoid  all  kinds  of  trouble.