works 2018

New Mobile Truck Stage 13mx6mx270m constructing&testing

Summerset fest 07/27/2018

Summerset fest 07/27/2018 #SummerSet #summerset #soundcitygeorgia L-Acoustics M-Audio Clair Brothers #CigarettesAfterSex #WhoMadeWho #Koreless

Black Sea Jazz festival 2018 Stage&Sound construction by SoundCity

Robert Glasper Black Sea Jazz Festival #Stage #Construction by SoundCity #soundcitygeorgia Fender
#sound L-Acoustics M-Audio Avid DiGiCo Clair Brothers 

Tbilisi Open Air 2018 stage/sound construction 06/20/2018

L-Acoustics SoundCity Clair Brothers Tbilisi Open Air / AlterVision Sophie Villy St. Nudes SALIO #LuaNewcomer2018 Tom Odell R.O x Konoba

James Blunt Concert 25/05/2018

The Mikheil Meskhi Stadium stage is being completed. To finish the construction on time SoundCity crew  works day and night
Getting ready for the concert of James Blunt LOUDspeakers Young Georgian Lolitaz The Parlotones
SoundEquipment: @L-Acoustics @L-Acoustics from VGD DiGiCo